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Jul 15, 2018

Hi and welcome to GC, my name is Sergio and this podcast is dedicated to bringing guitarists together from diverse fields and sharing guitar music related ideas.

Starting from July 2018 I will be publishing 2 episodes a month, the first episode featuring an interview with a guitarist from the world of classical, jazz, fingerstyle or Rock. The second episode will feature a Guitar Conversation topic. I will be dipping into previous episodes to extract some wisdom and interesting ideas. If you'd like to suggest a guitar topic or guitarist to interview you can go to and leave me a message. 

Now to the featured interview. Brett Garsed is an Australian guitar legend having been involved in the music industry for many decades now. He has had success as a solo fusion guitarist but also as guitarist for John Farnham and the US group Nelson. He shares valuable insights and stories from his fascinating career.

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Thanks for listening