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May 21, 2020

Thanks for joining me for episode 42 of Guitar Conversations. It has been a while since my last podcast episode as I decided to take a break from this project to focus on other things. As you may know, I run a busy guitar program at a school in Melbourne, I have an active performing career and examining schedule(not during a pandemic) and publish a lot of teaching content on Latin Guitar I really enjoy connecting with other guitarists who are doing interesting things so I'll continue publishing episodes as often as I can. If you'd like to stay in touch with my activities you can follow me on @sergioguitarist on Instagram.

Irina Kulikova is a Russian classical guitar virtuoso of international acclaim. She has won numerous guitar competitions and has also recorded for Naxos. She has a powerful and engaging playing style and a great passion for music and the guitar.

I had a lovely interview this week with Irina Kulikova. We talked about her early guitar experiences, competitions, her playing style and iconic tone, mindfulness, overcoming injuries and her Kickstarter campaign that runs till the end of May.

Hope you enjoy!

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